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NOTE: STP has been working on RUBBER for more than 25 years now and it is by far his most beloved project, his magnum opus that captures and encapsulates everything he has to offer the world. Indeed, it is this work alone that has been dominating 95% of his psyche and energy all these years. All the other projects and works that you see here are just little drippings and droppings done to keep him entertained while resting between crushing waves of RUBBER. Although many previous predictions have come and gone like a young virgin’s ‘eternal love’, STP currently predicts this work to be publicly available around 48 (please see his dating policy in Bio).

He is still thoroughly unsure as to whether the human brain possesses sufficient range and computing power to fully grasp this work in its entirety, including all its references, implications, internal rhythms, symmetries, etc. Nietzsche probably could have, and Einstein and Pound probably too, but he’s not sure about those who are around today… He assumes there are about 5 people worldwide – he insists on being optimistic – although one can never know if and when it will reach them, so he just toils ahead with complete disregard for any benefit or feedback other than his own gratification, which is yet another reason for the relatively slow process.


As the title suggests, the main objective of this film is to ‘expose theology’, or more specifically, to expose the ways in which theology has permanently deformed our society, and continues to infringe on our liberties and threaten our lives to this day.

We find ourselves at a stage in history where competing theologies are so over-developed and wide-spread as to be trapped in a deadly, and apparently irreversible, ‘gridlock’. Regardless of their shrewd denials, none of the warring factions have any intention of compromising their ‘missions’ of world domination and thus – to quote one of the characters in the film – ‘Every person alive today, regardless of philosophy and disposition, has billions of strangers obligated to kill him – either for what he is, or isn’t.’

No matter what history or personal experience teaches these people, and no matter how peaceful and loving they may want to become, the vast majority are always too afraid to challenge the obligations of their age-old and, thus, larger-than-life institutions. If religion ever possessed any advantages for mankind, these have long since been outweighed by its dangers and it is clear that our only chance for a peaceful future lie in a blanket abandonment of these disturbing institutions.

While there are millions of people around the world who are fully aware of this phenomenon, we remain a relatively small and silent minority which is still considered taboo amongst the mainstream.

Sir Tijn Po Collage entitled, 'Dreaming Oriental Devil with Acne (Homage to Archimboldo)' - T.P. 24

Most people simply find it hard to imagine why, and how, religion could have developed this far if it is indeed merely a product of human fancy – rather than of divine inspiration. Religion has become so entrenched in our society that few people can imagine the world without it and they therefore tolerate its existence out of a sense of awe and mystery, even if they don’t actively participate themselves.

Therefore, this film will offer a hypothesis for how religion could have evolved this far without having any supernatural origins, and, thus, remove the mystique that shrouds its true nature. Hopefully, this will help people see through the claims of clergymen and theologians and enable them to reconsider, and perhaps even revert to, their original lifestyles of freedom and indulgence.


Being that the subject of theology is too shrouded in ancient layers of blood, myth and taboo to be able to be analyzed and discussed objectively, we’ve chosen to use a carefully crafted metaphorical fairy tale – inspired by Nietzsche’s THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA, the writings of the Marquis de Sade, Hieronymus Bosch’s GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, etc. Hopefully, by virtue of its freshness, our story will be able to elude peoples’ biases and allow for genuine and sincere re-evaluation.

Center panel of GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS by Hieronymus Bosch

The entire fairy tale will follow the journey of one small group of people – serving as a microcosm of our species – as they undergo thousands of years’ of social evolution. We will watch them as they slowly develop communities, rules and crises that will closely resemble the history of our own civilizations. Perhaps this will help clarify why and how we got into our current predicament, namely, our aforementioned ‘theological grid-lock’.

(This type of film will actually allow us to explore many human developments at once – psychological, sexual, philosophical, anthropological, economical, etc. – and indeed the script touches on all of these topics [and is therefore approximately 1,500 pages long, of which we only intend to film the highlights and leave the rest as an epic-poem for those interested in a more detailed discussion]. But the main focus of the script is certainly the theological developments – and hence the film’s title.)

The film will also try to discover some strategies for overcoming our ‘theological gridlock’, thus recapturing the necessary calm and quiet for the peaceful pursuit of pleasure. If it turns out to be inevitable that suicidal religions evolve to the point of destroying us all, then perhaps it is wise for us to realize this in advance and properly indulge and enjoy our final moments!


We’ve already created some Animated Storyboards (perhaps some of the most luxurious storyboards ever created) of various sequences that will appear throughout the film. While these sequences are relatively senseless without reading the entire script, several viewers have insisted that they form a nice little abstract film on their own; perhaps they’re right. The animation was edited to a medley of (horribly recorded) snippets of Omer Avital’s live music and we’ve never before seen so many small items animated with such care. We’ve therefore decided to make them accessible here for your pleasure. (These were done on 16mm film and we hope to have a much higher-resolution version available here soon.)

Please bear in mind, however, that in the final film these Animated Sequences will only appear in between scenes, and in short increments. More importantly, they won’t simply be rough sketches, but will be meticulously created by professional animators and will be set to music that will be composed (and recorded) especially for this purpose.


(These were originally shot on 16mm film and will soon be available in higher-resolution.)