Street-theater piece for E.F.A. in honor of the world’s first Zoophile-Rights Day/Zoophile-Rights Demonstration in Berlin, February 1, 2013

In response to Germany officially criminalizing all sex with animals, even when loving and consensual, Zeta, an E.F.A.-inspired German based zoophile-rights group organized the world’s first-ever Zoophile-Rights Day Demonstration right in the heart of Berlin.
Sir Tijn Po was invited by both E.F.A. and Zeta, to contribute to the demonstration with a theater piece, and he accepted with a brief work entitled, ‘First they came for the zoophiles and I was not silent, even though I am not a zoophile’. The piece explored similar themes as COMING SOON, namely, the blatant hypocrisy behind meat-eaters, animal-experimenters and fur-lovers persecuting those who love animals so deeply as to even see them as potential romantic and/or (consensual) sexual partners.
The piece was performed several times reaching hundreds of passerby of all types and ages, and was greatly appreciated by the vast majority of them. Several anti-zoophile protesters arrived as well and were asked to leave by the police, but they, too, seemed moved, or at least somewhat confused, by the piece.
Sir Tijn Po also contributed to the proceedings of the evening prior with a free screening of COMING SOON at Berlin’s famed Kino Babylon, followed by a discussion with reporters and the general public led by one of his assistants.
Those events were monumental in the history of zoophile-rights, and for the rights of all types of love and sexuality, and was written about in the New York Times that day, including a description of the Coming Soon screening.
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Video COMING SOON! Larger gallery below.