A new initiative to put limits on inhumane degrees of personal wealth without destroying the ability to compete and gloat endlessly.

In a nutshell, all personal wealth beyond a certain threshold – to be determined by this initiative, among others – will have to be used for the greater good, either by surrendering it to the state, giving it to charity, or by keeping it in a non-profit philanthropic foundation to be managed by the accumulator of said wealth. That way, the accumulator can continue to compete for alpha-status against others who have crossed the threshold, but not by buying more or bigger goods, but by doing more good.

You can read more about this in my letters to Dr. Peter Singer (Letter #1 from July 19, 2021 & Letter #2 from July 22, 2021) as well as at the soon-to-be-launched HUMANEGREED.ORG.

Stay tuned!