I, Sir Tijn Po, believe it is time for another Renaissance, much like the Italian one a half a millennium ago. The 20th Century effectively destroyed all previous notions and appreciations; we are now surrounded by, and are, shattered particles of previous masterworks. While I appreciate and feel liberated by their efforts, I refuse to remain a wriggling, gasping particle. I want to join as many fellow particles as possible and start creating new mosaics. Perhaps some will resemble old masterpieces – just as the first Renaissance occasionally resembled its ancient Greek models. But it is time, I believe, to create new beauty and pleasure which will make this past century look like a (perhaps justified and necessary) second Dark Age.

Last century needed those wise and courageous Artists and Thinkers to articulate the problems, threats, hypocrisies, etc. But now – perhaps due to their successful efforts, but also due to the exaggeration of current pathos and absurdity – these need no longer be articulated; they are clear to any dim-wit. And whoever doesn’t see them clearly by now, won’t see them after any further prompting.

Thus, we need only find and create beauty, light, love, etc. If anyone has any specific solutions to the current plethora of tragedies, I certainly think they should be articulated – even if they only be poetic notions. But just pointing out the black troubles is useless and annoying, though it be easy and profitable.

This new Renaissance, however, will not be contained within the borders of any one nation or country, but will be the product of that small hungry percentage which you find everywhere.