Reading the following,
May inspire you,
To forsake inherited sanctity,
Dabble in inherited taboos,
Embark on life-threatening journeys,
Of following your muse…

Be forewarned!

I assume no responsibility!

I survived my journey,
My visions,
And voice…

You, however, may not!

If you have a family to feed,
A job to hold,
Or a position to keep,
You may be well advised,
Not to read the following!

It may dizzy you out of the assembly line,
Pop you off the chopping block,
Awaken your silenced voice,
Unleash your trampled vision,
Distract you out of functionality,
And launch you into spheres of prophecy…

Be forewarned!

If someone broke your heart,
And you want me to fix it,
Look elsewhere!

If someone stole your savings,
And you want me to replace them,
Look elsewhere!

I’m an articulator,
Not a placator!

Things come into clearer focus here –
Both the pleasant and the painful,
The beautiful and horrific,
The inspiring and disheartening…

If you prefer blurriness,
Or soothing distraction,
Please seek elsewhere!