No cock can please every hole!

The big, thick slut-pleaser,
Can’t pleasantly penetrate the virgin…

And the perfect thin hymen-piercer,
Remains unfelt by the well-stretched nympho…

The uncircumcised disgust the clean-freaks,
And the circumcised let down the smegma lovers…

And some like the large titties,
And some the small pedo-type…

Some like the bullet nipples,
And some the overwhelming type…

Some like the waif,
While others like it like Rubens…

Some like the bush,
While others need the shave…

And forget about positions,
Hair color,
And duration –
Those all go without say!

And so it is in all areas of life…

The ‘Masturbationist’ embraces diversity,
Of opinion and preference…

Whatever gets you off…

Or on…

Yet rejection of one’s work,
Or self,
Remains hard to swallow…

But why is that?!

Your work may be the ‘perfect’ cock,
But perfect for whom?
The virgin?
The well-stretched connoisseur?
The smegma-lover?
The dyke?
(Of course I love dykes,
Although I have little to offer them…)

As senseless as it is,
Rejection remains a most harsh sting…

What a fucked up world we inhabit!

Fuck its maker(s)!

They can’t design for shit!