I’ve heard it said and repeated,
Many times before,
But modern-day Europe,
Is truly a bore!

Nicely ornamented,
With relics of giants passed,
But still shocked & suffocated,
By ghosts of those gassed…

Clueless politics,
Shattered sexes…
Confused identities,
Endless complexes…

All leave the air,
Tired and scared,
Which would have choked,
Even those who dared –
Blake, Caravaggio,
Nietzsche, Van Gogh,

Where are they all today?
Have they all defected to America?
Have they all been killed in Treblinka?
Or have they all killed themselves,
To avoid Le Grand Dead-End?

Perhaps our grandkids,
Will get to enjoy new wonders,
But for now it remains,
A continent of blunders!