Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dear Fuckface Fans,

In my last entry I promised to share the results of my soul-searching, trying to find clues and hidden impulses behind my latest (cinematic) foray into the world of zoophilia.

I intend to keep my promise, since I’ve dug up some insights which some of you may be able to relate to.

But I’ve been slightly distracted by the latest re-eruption of the Middle-East conflict which has been going on for the last 3,000+ years, ever since Moses got the idea that he finally discovered the one and only truth for ALL of mankind.

I’ve written a little poem which helped me articulate my own feelings about the crisis. Perhaps you’ll enjoy it too:

The Mono Plague

Peace is heresy,
Before gods demanding victory!
Ancient Greece,
Had a few who liked peace,
Like Venus,
And Bacchus…
But Jehovah,
The jealous god of the Jew,
The Christian,
And the Slave
(The world ‘Muslim’ means slave),
Turns his worshippers
Into warriors,
Seeking only victory,
Since Peace be heresy.
Truly sad!
And I’d be so glad,
To see
More heresy,
Of Peace
And Multiplicity!
And thus I shout a quote from Nietzsche,
‘Is not just this godlike,
That there are gods, but no God?’

In my youth I’ve had to support myself with some of the strangest professions around, including an extended stint as a gigolo (for women only). This wasn’t a very unpleasant profession, and had my youth not disappeared so soon, I may have stuck with it.

In any event, I’ve had the good fortune of servicing women of nearly every race and background (except for the ultra-poor who were unable to afford my services), and got to know them quite well, both inside and out. I had Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu clients. I was hired by Voodoo practitioners, Wicca witches, Satanic Priestesses, Shintu believers, Feng-shui practitioners, and obviously the good old aging atheist.

My various clients obviously had different preferences and skills, but I never experienced any proof of one nation being ‘chosen’, or superior, to the next. I’ve thus come to believe that ALL people are created equal. Lust is lust. Love is love. Cash is cash. Discretion is discretion. Disease is disease. Etc.

Thus, when I see wars erupting and re-erupting, I take NO sides. People are people. Dying children are dying children. Dying women are dying women. Dying soldiers are dying soldiers. Dying animals are dying animals. Crushed homes are crushed homes. Etc.

I believe that EVERY race and nationality has fractions which would love to live peacefully with each other, and EVERY race and nationality has fractions which believe in their own superiority.

The Middle-East, however, is really up the creek since it is dominated by three branches of the same monotheistic plague which has essentially attempted to destroy any notion of pluralism, tolerance and compromise. Ever since Jehovah announced that he is the ONLY God and that he will tolerate no other gods before him, his followers have been doing their best to do away with any semblance of competition – alternately using violence, proselytization, the buying-power of charity, etc. In short, whatever’s available and feasible at the moment.

This is a plague which was set into motion over 3 millennia ago and will never end – at least not voluntarily. While your typical racist, sexist or bigot has the potential of changing his or her ways after some pleasant experiences with their ‘adversaries’ (and in this increasingly globalized world these experiences are becoming increasingly inevitable), those accepting the commandments of Jehovah will never feel permitted to tolerate, accept, or respect; their intolerance is not a question of personal preference, but rather a commandment from their Almighty which supersedes any personal ‘enlightenment’ (at least in the mind of the believer). The Bible (both Testaments) and Quran are full of threats against those who would like to accept other lifestyles as equal to Jehovah’s. Even the ‘loving’ Jesus insisted that (and like the apostles, I paraphrase), ‘The path to God is ONLY through me.’

I’ve met, and even serviced, many loving and tolerant worshipers of Jehovah who don’t take his word that literally, and just see it as a source of flexible inspiration. But, unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who take his commandments very literally, and for them true peace is simply heresy!

This is a very sad reality and every time I’m reminded of it through new eruptions of bloodshed, I weep.

Sir Tijn Po

*In 22 (2006 according to the Jesus system) I was invited by a writer of some intelligence, talent and repute to take over his daily blog for a while, as he traveled through Europe. I accepted the invitation for three entries, since he was a friend of a good friend, but since he and his wife treated me like shit – they just wanted to get to Švankmajer through me, but when they found out that he was on holiday and I wouldn’t be able to introduce them, they and their kindness just disappeared without a trace – I wouldn’t want to give him any publicity here, and I’ll simply refer to him as ‘Fuckface’.