Linguistic Improvement #1

‘Man, we’re fuuuuucked!’

‘They are so fuuuuucked!’

‘I’ll fuck you over, man! Right in the ass, buddy!’

All meant to imply negative experiences!



The cat’s been out of the bag for centuries now:

Woman like getting fucked!
Need to get fucked!
As much as we love fucking them!

And gay men love getting fucked in the ass too!
At least the bottoms do…

And I also love getting fucked in the ass,
By females…

Their tongues,
And even strap-ons,
Feel amazing in there!

‘The prostate’s more sensitive than the G-Spot!’
They say…

And every single chick I’ve ever been with,
Absolutely wanted my cock in their ass!
And since it barely fits into most cunts,
I’ve single-handedly subsidized entire butter industries,
American and European,
With my various attempts,
Often unsuccessful…

Getting fucked in the ass,
Is an amazing experience,
When done right…

Being filled to the hilt…

Stretched to the max…

Taken to the core…

The real cherry on the fucking sundae…

Better threats are needed, my friends!

Better expressions of pain are urgently called for!