Real-life rival demonstrations in honor of the second Zoophile-Rights Day/Zoophile-Rights Demonstration in Berlin, 2014

On the first anniversary of Germany officially criminalizing sex with animals, even when loving and consensual, Zeta, the E.F.A.-inspired German Zoophile-Rights group, organized a larger Zoophile-Rights Day Demonstration right in the heart of Berlin.
This demonstration was met by a counter-demonstration organized by both skinheads and animal-rights activists, who weren’t necessarily happy to be together, but were nevertheless united by their hatred of zoophiles (hence the Love-hate Triangle). These two demonstrations were initially to be held across the street from one another, with a large armed police presence to ensure peace and safety, but the skinheads ended up crossing the street and harassing the zoophiles, culminating with a small amount of violence and one arrested skinhead who punched one of the main zoophile leaders.
Sir Tijn Po was unable to contribute with another theater piece that year, but he did send in a large banner.
Later that evening, Kino Babylon hosted a screening of some Zoo-themed films and, once again, two police trucks had to be present to ensure their safety as there had been some serious threats made online.