Can’t I ever feel hate,
Without being a Sadist?

Or enjoy a bit of pain,
Without being a Masochist?

Those name-givers,
De Sade & Masoch,
Felt overwhelming amounts,
Of what I, too, posses in moderation…

But I also feel Love,
At least for some people…
Defining Love as the pleasure,
Of giving pleasure…

Not the pleasure of being subservient,
And not the pleasure o
f making the receiver subservient,
But the pleasure of seeing them smile,
Simply because I Love them.

I need not define the word Love with any other words.

Or find any other impulses behind the Love impulse.

(Although I’ll concede that it is a form of Selfishness,
Since I am getting pleasure from giving my loved ones pleasure…)

Thus, my Selfishness,
My all-powerful Authority,
Alternates between Sadism, Masochism and Love.
My ever-fluctuating Trinity…