If whatever made us,
And governs us,
Can hear us,
I ask you to please protect the kind religious people,
Whom I’ve met in all corners of the world,
And of all persuasions!

Please keep them free of the confidence,
That turns believers into self-appointed authorities!

Please let their beliefs cause them,
To be kind to kind people,
And tolerant of peaceful alternatives,
Even when they contradict their own!

This rare breed still exists,
Please don’t let them go extinct!

Save them from the mobs,
Who believe to have found,
The Answer,
The Key,
The Truth,
Which they would then apply to all people,
Even by force when necessary!

This is my greatest fear for humanity!

And if my requests interest you in the slightest,
And this poem be justifiably called a prayer,
Please take my wishes into consideration!

Thank you for your time!