Let’s see if I can break it down…

When I see a human, I’m usually immediately repulsed, since 99.999999% of my human interactions bore me to death at best, and frustrate the hell out of me at worst.

But there are two types of exceptions that make human interaction palatable to me at a minimum, or even entertaining/inspiring at a maximum.

Exception #1 is genius, especially artistic. An extremely rare phenomenon, which has happened less than 10 times in my lifetime thus far, primarily males, but not exclusively, and I have no idea, nor preference, as to what the ratio will be going forward (although my intuition tells me it’ll probably continue along the same trajectory).

Exception #2 is sex, mainly with highly attractive, and very clean, female body parts. Simply an extra bonus that some humans carry around which allows me to have pleasant interaction with them at the least, and very inspiring fuck-sessions at the best.

So where there is no genius or sex, I have zero interest. Where there is at least one, I have some interest.

Have I made it any clearer?

Do I seem sexist to you?