Is man truly so damned,
That to be adored,
One must first be banned?

Can’t anything of quality hit its mark?

Why is failure so exalted?

Cannot a real hero succeed?

Cannot true beauty live to enjoy its own reflection?

Must that truly be the exception?

I want to sing!
I want to dance!
I want to fuck!
Is it really all a question of luck?

Is it truly a lottery,
To escape poverty,
If one prefers love,
Over robbery?

Can’t we evolve beyond this tragedy?

Can’t this absurdity
Become a since-cured malady?

If some blame labor pains on the gods,
Can’t we atheists hope to beat the odds?

I dare,
To do my share,
To defy this absurd tradition!

I ask no permission,
I form no commission,
I simply walk alone,
Treacherously unknown,
And hope for,
But do not rely on,
A better condition…

*Provided – albeit without credit for some reason – the title for this Omer Avital album.