Is the urge for suicide,
Truly an illness?

When science will enable us,
To live for millennia,
Won’t we all yearn for suicide?*

Must we outlive every extension,
Afforded by technological intervention?

Isn’t the transition to death,
A justifiably attractive journey?

Aren’t we all occasionally curious,
As to what lies beyond?

Can we be sure,
That this layer of life,
Is not the one great glitch of creation?

Can we be sure,
That we’re not all unwell,
For willingly staying in this hell?

Can we be sure,
That life isn’t just a test,
To see who’ll have the balls to take it?

Can you truly look me in the eye
And call my death-wish ‘illness’?

*This may actually be the key to understanding many Bible-lovers’ hatred of science, since their prohibition against euthanasia and suicide will force them to ‘endure’ every life-extension afforded by science. And life, for many of them, is already too long…