Life is one long day for me,
Containing dark and light cycles,
And certainly not divided into sets of seven.

I get the moon’s rotations,
And, hence, the months.

I also get the sun’s rotations,
And, hence, the cycles of seasons.

But why the seven-day week?

Aside from the Bible,
And its six-day-creation bit –
What sense is there in seven-day week cycles?

Thus, time is one long day for me,
Containing dark and light cycles,
And certainly not divided into sets of seven!


If the bible wouldn’t have stoned people
For fucking outside their marriage,
(Even when married to impotent,
or tired carpenters)
Then Mary wouldn’t have had to lie about her impregnation.

In which case virginity would never have become so exalted.

In which case billions of little girls,
Over hundreds of generations,
Wouldn’t have had to fear penetration,
(Even by fingers, or vegetation).

In which case their billions of admirers,
Could easily have been their lovers,
Causing less frustration,
And masturbation,
And whores,
And VD induced sores,
And, ultimately, fewer wars.

Therefore I say,
‘Fuck the bible,
And its warnings,
And atonings,
And whippings,
And stonings,
And let’s try to start a new chain reaction,
Producing peaceful men,
At peace with themselves,
And, thus,
(At least potentially)
At peace with others.’


Are you blessed with the magic gift?

Can you rise and compose a prayer?

A symbol of hope,
The genuine sound and flavor of hope,
Make a persuasive case,
For the sake of fantasy?

Let it shine,
And scream,
And beam with joy!

Sing with ecstasy!
Contagious ecstasy!

The dream shining through,
As a lure,
To rise to it!
To at least try a bit!

The attempt being all we have access to,
On a regular basis…

Let it catch on,
And spread,
Like a shower,
Of refreshing promise!

Do you have the strength,
To compose such a prayer,
While being down,
And trodden upon,
By life’s quirky glitches,
Your own expectations,
Your own shattered dreams?

Do you have the strength?

Then go ahead and rise,
And dream for us all!

Sing for us all!

Help us all,
See some light,
And hope,
Even if it all be an illusion!

At least it will alleviate,
And numb,
For a while!

Give it a go,
And may god be with you!