Dear Fellow Human,

Below you will find excerpts from the Qur’an which make it very hard for me to believe that anything short of cowardice, i.e. the fear of being killed first, can lead a Muslim to being ‘Moderate.’

The excerpts were selected from an English copy of the Qur’an which I bought in an Islamic bookshop in Istanbul and I therefore don’t suspect that it contains any deliberately incriminating distortions. While I certainly don’t consider myself a scholar of Islam, I do understand English and the following excerpts convince me that moderate, or tolerant, Islam is simply an oxymoron.

If you, the reader, are a “Moderate Muslim” I genuinely request that you explain to me how you can reconcile the following passages with tolerance for peaceful agnostics, atheists, believers of polytheism (Hindus, Native Americans, Voodoo Practitioners, Shamans, etc.), democratic governments (i.e. any government which allows people to decide if and how they would like to worship God), women believing in total equal rights with men, gays, nudists, swingers, etc., all of whom add up to the majority of the world population!

Even if you have some way of reconciling all this, I can’t see how you can call suicide bombers and other terrorists ‘absurd’ or ‘fanatic.’ Their actions seem to adhere quite logically with the following passages.

Please share your thoughts about this with me.


Sir Tijn Po