FEMALE BIRD: ‘Sir Tijn, why are you consistently so degrading towards women and their genitals? You seem too intelligent to be misogynistic, so what’s up with all the female bashing?’

STP: ‘Sticking up for your sex, are you?’

FEMALE BIRD: ‘Indeed.’

STP: ‘Well, as you assumed, I am too intelligent to be misogynistic. But it isn’t the females that I deride or disrespect. I have absolutely equal respect for females and males – some, of both, are cool, and some, of both, deserve death. But it is purely my sexual attraction to women, and their subsequent sexual power over me, that I deride and try to humiliate into submission. If I were gay, or a female hetero, I’d probably speak as irreverently about cock and balls. If I liked animals, statues or robots, I’d speak as irreverently about them.

Society places quite a premium on sex, and makes it something to be respected, earned, etc. But I disagree. Sex is my toy. Pussy is my toy. Female ass is my toy. But the rest of the woman that happens to be connected to said pussy and ass is as respected by me as any other group. Thus, I would never lie to a woman or hurt her just to get to her alluring body parts. And you’ll certainly never hear me denigrate women post-sexual-attractiveness.’

FEMALE BIRD: ‘I see. Thanks so much for the clarification!’

STP: ‘You’re most welcome!’

FEMALE BIRD: ‘Do any of my parts attract you?’

STP: ‘Not in the slightest.’

FEMALE BIRD: ‘So full respect?’

STP: ‘Absolutely! Down to the last feather.’

FEMALE BIRD: ‘Thank you!’

STP: ‘Thank you, for the stimulating conversation and for the chance to clarify myself.’


STP: ‘See you around!’