BIRD: ‘You sound quite racist sometimes.’

STP: ‘I am racist.’

BIRD: ‘So how can you complain about other racists, bigots, homophobes, antisemites, sexists…?’

STP: ‘Hold it right there! I never complain about any of those people, or any haters for that matter.

You can’t control your hate. You can’t choose it. Only fear will stop you from acting on it. And only numbers, strength, and good strategy will will ever effectively induce fear.

All talk of changing your hate is a product of fear – spoken by those who wish nature were different. But it isn’t. Hate is a product of nature, like flatulence, stench, pain and illness. All part of the deal. I can’t hate the hater any more than the farter.

Education often eliminates hate, since you sometimes learn that what you thought you hate is really elsewhere. But not all hate can be eliminated through education, or any other means. And no one can choose what to hate and what to love.

The fear of this reality makes humans wish it weren’t so. But this reality can’t be wished away.

It’s a sick, fucked-up design.’

BIRD: ‘Would you have designed it differently?’

STP: ‘Absofuckinlutely!’

BIRD: ‘What would you have done?’

STP: ‘I would have designed all beings to derive pleasure from giving me pleasure.’