BIRDS: ‘Why so many self-portraits, Sir Po?
Why so many self-analyses?

‘Who the fuck do you think cares about all your inner-workings,
And doubts,
And rejoicings?’

STP: ‘I have no idea.

But all I can see from the inside, is myself…

And I can only assume that it mirrors vaster,
More universal,
All-encompassing truths…

But I can never be sure of it!

The only thing I can truly paint,
And articulate in detail,
Better than anyone else,
Are my own inner-workings…

These are not self-portraits that I see through mirrors,
But rather portraits I see through inner-gazing,
A perspective that no one else can share…

If through that process,
I touch upon,
And stumble upon,
Some shapes,
That then ring true to others,
And perhaps touch a similar chord
With others,
And perhaps inspire them,
And help them,
And guide them,
Provide them with useful hints,
And tips,
And clues,
Along their own journeys of internal-gazing,
Then they will have served a worthy purpose…

Worst case scenario,
I’m just conveying,
A couple hours worth of
Useless reading material…

Best case scenario,
I’m providing inimitable,
Tools for others to use,
For all eternity…

So when you do all the math,
I think the choice become pretty obvious.’