Oh, sweet revenge!

It’s gotta come out,
Like the cum of the soul.

Nags like an itch,
Until realized.

The only compensation,
For a cruel world.

No turning the other cheek,
My friend…

A thousand eyes for an eye,
Say I!

Afterlives were created,
To assuage people’s blood-thirst needs,
And help them believe,
That what hasn’t been avenged by men,
Will be rewarded in some distant end…

But for those in the know,
Revenge is the only sweet antidote,
To all the anger and pain,
Which cannot,
And shall not,
Ever wane!

The nectar of the gods,
Which don’t yet exist…

The juice to be sucked,
And savored,
From the laughing tongues of anarchy!

The only true deterrent,
For crimes,
And unwanted intrusions!

Take your revenge, say I!

Now or never, say I!

A thousand eyes for an eye,
Say I!