Why have you made me,
Such a painful ghost?
Pure terror,
For those who love me most?

You made my paternal love
– my purest joy and light –
A poison for all others!
How can that be right?

You are malformed,
Twisted beyond redemption…

Why else would you have killed your own son,
To earn forgiveness for others,
When you could have easily forgiven anyone,
At any time,
At will?

Why would you have asked Abraham to kill his own son,
Just to prove his love for you,
When you could have easily looked into his heart,
At any time,
At will?
(If you are,
As all-powerful,
As you claim…)

You are damaged goods!




You ought to kill yourself!

Sacrifice yourself!

For the benefit of us all!

To prove your love for us all!

And if you’re a pussy-ass wimp,
As your rules and behavior,
Certainly indicate,
I will gladly help euthanize you!

I am,
After all,
A most enthusiastic God Killer!