Critics of Sex Whores,
Point to STDs,
And unwanted pregnancies.

But what about the suicides,
And broken families,
Brought about by the commonly ‘sanctioned’,
Prostitution of the mind,
Taking place every day,
In ‘sanctioned’ brothels,
Known as the workplace?

I don’t enjoy watching anyone being hurt,
Without just cause,
Whether it be their sex,
Or any other body part,
Being traded for cash…

But that’s work!

We were born into a world,
Where we must work,
For our sustenance and survival.
Constant exchange of goods and services.
A harsh fact that will remain,
Even after all thieves are done away with.

But why is the brain so degraded,
As to be freely sold and brutalized,
While asses, cunts and cocks remain off-limits?

We can, of course, complain theoretically,
But this point can be made much more emphatically,
If we’d actually patronize the sex whores,
Who are so wrongly chastised,
For at least one day a year,
On International Whores’ Day.