How many nuts is your neighbor worth?
The one who lives down the block,
And drives you mad,
On the way to breakfast,
Many a morning…

How many nuts can she provide,
Before slipping into the stereotype –
Becoming an ordinary,

I can guess the exact amount of nuts,
– Within accuracy of three –
Within the first few seconds,
Of laying eyes on her…

I can even guess her pussy taste,
Just by seeing the clothes she wears,
Which tells me which group she belongs to,
And the amount of hygiene said group dictates…

Curly blonde hair will always be more bitter,
Than straight, thick brunettes…

Brazilians and straight-haired blondes,
Remain the sweetest…

Redheads don’t usually hit my spot,
Although I can see how,
They can become acquired tastes…

Haven’t yet tasted Afros…

Don’t plan on tasting Orientals…

Italians can taste like passion…

French taste like ass,
Which they happen to offer,
Quite generously…

Arabs can taste kind of cool,
Depending on their diet…

Please let me know,
When you’re willing to share,
Your own catalogue.

I’d love to read it!

*As in ‘busting a nut’