When setting out to create a work of art,
You must first decide where you want to set it —
In nature or civilization?

And if in nature,
Will we see some signs of civilization,
Perhaps in the background?

And if in civilization,
Will we see any traces of nature?
Perhaps through some windows,
Or in flower vases,
Or in the faces of some household pets?

You then have to decide if you want to depict reality,
Or fantasy.

And if you decide on fantasy,
Do you want to depict it realistically,
Or fantastically?

And if you decide on reality,
Do you want to depict it as true,
To the reality which our eyes see?
Or do you want to depict the subtext,
At the price of some expressionistic contortion?

Then you must decide,
Which of our many faculties,
You want to stir…
The comic ones?
The erotic ones?
The cowardly ones?
The aggressive ones?

Perhaps you may want to combine several of the above?

And then you must decide,
If you want to follow an existing genre,
Or perhaps combine several of them…
If you’re really daring,
And perhaps even suicidal,
You may try inventing a genre of your own…

All of these decisions can
— and probably will —
Fluctuate throughout the creative process,
Influenced by conditions around you,
As well as your own limitations,
Or desires…

But be aware,
That you can never create,
An all-encompassing work,
That will free you,
Of this brutal,
Decision-making process…