Scientific Proof

When I see the sheer joys,
Chicks get from their sex toys,
I know it’s as carnal for them,
As it is for the boys.
——And now some explication
For the dimmer-witted:

Toys don’t buy flowers,
Or profess eternal love;

They just penetrate,
N’ get you off.

Sometimes you just gotta get fucked,
Squirt some juice,
Scratch the itch,
Moan like a bitch,
Cum like a bitch…

Just gotta get in there,
N’ with some tuggin’
And chuggin’
And pullin’
And fuckin’
And suckin’
And spinnin’
And flickin’
And yankin’
And spankin’
And crankin’
Pry loose a bit of bliss…
Just a bit of calm…
From the clenched teeth of constant tension,
And dizzying, squirming, dripping desire…

Nothing at all wrong with that!
Just please don’t tell me,
‘Ohhh, but for us it’s so much more than that!’