None of the Sculptures, Objects or Land Art seen on this site were created with the help of computers. Not that we have anything against computers – you are in our website, after all – but we believe that the works are more impressive, i.e., more enjoyable, when one realizes that every little detail really exists and was crafted by hand.


While browsing through this Gallery you will come upon various Sculptures, Objects, Land Art, etc., which illustrate specific passages from Poetics. In case you are unsure as to the nature of Poetics, please be informed that it is Tijn Po’s (and hence the work’s title, Po-etics) epic attempt at describing our universe and its origins. The work, which is divided into separate BOOKS and PASSAGES, is still in progress and will remain so until his death.

NOTE: To see images in greater detail, you may need to right-click your mouse and choose ‘View Image’.