Have you ever been shocked,
By your own fantasies?

Or otherwise?

Shocked by your ability,
To posses desires such as these?

Then please kill your shock!

It’s just adding to the overall negative energy,
That we all then have to endure.

Embrace your fantasies!
And fuck ‘authorities’,
Who would dare tamper,
with your varieties!

Savor your wildest dreams!

Study them,
Embrace them,
And cuddle them,
Before deciding
If they are worthy,
Of translation,
Into action.

Those that don’t make the cut,
Should be filed away,
For future consideration,
Or at least inspiration…

Keep digging!

Overcome your fear of discovery,
Or fear of being discovered,
By flouting ALL the details,
And nuances!

Share a compromising self-portrait,
Why don’t you?

Celebrate the kaleidoscopic fireworks,
Of our libidos,
And dreams…

It’s all human!

It’s all part of the experience!

‘Show me yours, I’ll show you mine!’

This mutual exposure,
And exhibitionism,
Will ease it up for everyone!