Who came up with the fucked-up twosome,
‘Sex and Violence?’

I don’t see the connection!

I love one and hate the other!

I’d sooner say ‘Sex and Air.’
Or ‘Sex and Food.’
Or ‘Violence and Cancer.’
Or ‘Violence and Shit.’
Or ‘Violence and Greed.’
Or ‘Violence and Disease.’
Or ‘Sex and Love.’
Or ‘Sex and Music.’
Or ‘Sex & Coffee.’
Or ‘Sex and God.’ (Bacchus, not Jehovah!)

So who came up with the absurd set of
‘Sex & Violence?’

I don’t see the connection at all!

They’re trying to do away with sex altogether,
That’s what it is!

No more ungodly orgasms.

They’d love to have test-tube babies only!
Where the semen itself,
Would be extracted directly from our testicles,
Via syringes!